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  • New Year’s Eve of a lifetime in Zakopane! „New Year’s Eve Ball” on snowmobiles.

    Want to experience something extraordinary on New Year’s Eve? Tired of boring balls and the hustle and bustle of the city? Or do you dream of feeling the wind in your hair, enjoying the mountain views and having fun like never before? If so, we have something special for you. We invite you to the only „New Year’s Eve Ball” on snowmobiles in Poland. It will be a New Year’s Eve 2024 that you will remember forever!

    New Year’s Eve is a time when we want to have fun and celebrate with our loved ones. But why do it the same way as everyone else? Why not try something new and exciting? How about spending this night in a unique option that will give you not only a great adventure, but also a lot of adrenaline?

    This snowmobile night in Zakopane is for you if you like active recreation, beautiful nature and fun. If you have already ridden snowmobiles, you know what an amazing feeling it is! And when you add a New Year’s Eve party to the mix, you’re guaranteed the best New Year’s Eve snowmobile party you’ll be talking about all year.

    There is no better way to end the old year and start a new one! New Year’s Eve on snowmobiles in Zakopane is a proposal for you if you want to experience something special and unique. Do not wait a moment and come with us to an amazing New Year’s Eve party in the mountains, where you will get to know the most beautiful corners of Zakopane and feel the highland hospitality. An unforgettable wattle with local delicacies and at midnight the best New Year’s wishes and watching fireworks in the sky – can there be anything better?

    Or maybe you want to meet new people and make interesting friends? New Year’s Eve on snowmobiles in Zakopane is the perfect opportunity to do so. Joining organized by a professional company that will provide you with equipment, instructor and chaperone, you can count on a pleasant atmosphere and a good time.

    So if you are looking for the best New Year’s Eve in Zakopane that will make your dreams come true, look no further. Come to the only „New Year’s Eve Ball” on snowmobiles in Poland.

    Here is our program:

    21:30 – Gathering of participants at the Snowdoo base at Gubałówka. Short training on operation and safety.

    22:00 – Departure for the New Year’s Eve tour, which takes you along the most beautiful mountain trails.

    23:30 – Arrival at an intimate venue, where a hot meal, a highlander wattle and a bottle of champagne will be waiting.

    00:00 – Welcoming the New Year 2024 by the campfire and partying together.

    00:30 – Return. Driving through the mountains at night, admiring the stars and magically illuminated Zakopane.

    01:30 – Arrival at the Snowdoo base at Gubałówka. End of the event and thanking the participants.

    Do not delay and book your place today! The number of places is limited and the deadline for reservations is December 15. Do not miss this opportunity and spend New Year’s Eve 2023/2024 on snowmobiles in Zakopane! It will be the New Year’s Eve of a lifetime!

    How to prepare for such a trip? Here are the answers to the most important questions [].

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