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    Food without meat

    Food without meat

    People who follow a vegan or vegetarian diet on a daily basis are full of optimism and do not spare admiration for a meat-free diet. The key to success is primarily the ability to compose wholesome meals. A properly composed, wholesome vegetarian or vegan diet helps to prevent many diseases. It reduces the risk of obesity, type 1 diabetes and ischemic heart disease. It also prevents the formation of hypertension, hypercholesterolemia, cancer, gall and kidney stones, constipation, hemorrhoids and tooth decay. Many people who come to Podhale want to continue their healthy way of eating. Is it possible to eat plant-based cuisine in Zakopane? Check out Zakopane vege cuisine.

    Zakopane vegetarian cuisine

    It's possible!

    Deciding on vegetarianism, we usually choose fresh and seasonal products – vegetables, fruits and cereals. Thanks to this, we can exclude unnecessary and unhealthy fats from the diet and, in addition to a nice dietary effect, we gain a very positive effect on health and figure. When we increase the amount of vegetables and fruits and healthy fats in the diet, we are on the best way to prevent civilization diseases and cancer. At the same time, we provide the body with a real bomb of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.

    In Zakopane, a few years ago, you could only dream of a place where you could eat a vegetarian meal, let alone a vegan one… However, a lot has changed recently in the capital of the Tatra Mountains. More and more restaurants are introducing vegetarian dishes to their menu. However, before you go for a plant-based dinner, make sure that the restaurant offers vegan or vegetarian dishes. And in the high season, it is worth booking a table to avoid waiting in line later.


    A holiday with a plant-based cuisine

    A holiday with a plant-based cuisine
    More and more people are looking for novelties and variations in their kitchen, they try to make their meals healthy, tasty and prepared in accordance with their beliefs. Now you don’t have to give up your holiday in the mountains for fear that you won’t eat a warm plant-based meal there.

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