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    Did you also think that colours of trails mean their difficulty level?

    During our stay in Zakopane and Podhale region we would like to spend as much time as possible on mountain trails. This is perfect way to relax, be close to nature, admire breathtaking views. Tourists can find in Tatras many different trails. Many people thinks that colour of the trail means the difficulty level. But this is not true! So, next time when you will see black or red trail sign – don’t be afraid! 🙂

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    Little trivias

    The start of every trail

    PTTK Organisation says that every trail should start in the centre of town or close to bus stops. Trails should start in one place in smaller villages. After all, signs are painted for tourists and their safety.

    Trails location

    Person who rely on trail signs can not lost! That’s why it is really important to same colour trails can not cross each other. Even more, same colour trails can not be too close to each other – it would be confusing.

    What do colors mean?

    Red Trail

    Red is main trail. It leads to most attractive places on a given route. Very often it is also leads through the highest mountain peaks.

    Blue Trail

    Blue color is for long-distance trails.

    Green and yellow trail

    Those colors are for trails which connect to another.

    Black trail

    Black color is for short trails eg. from Zakopane to Gubałówka Mountain.

    How trails are marked?

    Stripes everywhere

    Tourists trails in Tatras are marked as three horizontal and adjoining stripes. Outer stripes are white and one inside is red, blue, green, yellow or black. Signs are placed at walls, rocks or trees. Signs are located not less than 50m from each other.