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    Deliciousness from Zakopane which you have to try!

    Flavours of highlander cuisine

    Zakopane and Podhale region delight us by breathtaking views, monuments and many attractions. But it is also definitely worth to visit Podhale to taste traditional dishes from highlander cuisine.

    The history of highlander cuisine is really interesting! Terrains which were hard to settle, infertile soil and unpredictable mountains. This made highlander’s cuisine really simple. Every woman knew how to make delicious dishes from such simple and easy accessible products like cabbage or potatoes.

    Culinary trip through Podhale region is unique experience!

    The most popular soup


    It would be a big mistake to visit Zakopane and didn’t try Kwaśnica! This soup is based on pickled cabbage and it has really intense taste. In Kwaśnica there is also a meat – perfect when it is smoked rib. It is served with potatoes and bread.

    Cheese specialities

    Bryndza i Bundz

    Bryndza was formerly fundamental food for shepherds. Bryndza is produced from grounded and salted bundz. It has a little bit spicy and sour taste. Not many know that the Bryndza was classified as regional product and received certificate from European Union even before Oscypek.

    Those who loves highlander cheese definitely should try to Bundz. It is made from sheep milk and has a little bit sweet taste. 

    Cheese threads


    Highlanders make Korboce for more than two hundred years. Korboce are made by cow milk, look like threads or noodle. Sometimes you can find them braided. It will taste everybody who likes mild not so salty taste. Korboc is served as snack on highlander’s wedding parties. You can also find them smoked.

    Highlander's favourite!


    One of the most popular dish in highlander’s menu are Moskole. Those are baked on pan – or even perfect on traditional wood stove. Moskole’s main ingredients are mashed potatoes, water, flour, salt, sometimes egg. Moskole taste perfect warm with garlic butter!

    Taste from childhood


    Hałuski are also from potatoes but grated – there is also flour and salt. Simple as that and little dumplings are ready. To make them we take small portions of batter and throw them to the boiling water. Highlanders serve them with cheese, warm milk or bacon. Both, simple and delicious.

    The most popular dish among tourists!

    Highlander's hash brown

    You should definitely try hash browns in highlander’s style during your stay in Tatras! It is made from cooked and grated potatoes. It is served with meat stew. You can order this dish in almost every restaurant in Zakopane.

    which long time ago was just missed

    For meat fans!

    In traditional highlander’s home meat was not served really often. Usually meat was served on holidays or important family occassions. Nowadays during your stay in Podhale region you can easily find great meat dishes.  Many tourists want to try something different so we can reccommend lamb, mutton or pork knee.

    Simple and classic

    And the dessert...

    Poppyseed cakes, pies based on honey, apple pies – simple and so delicious! Even if you are not a fan of desserts on a daily basis we reccommend you to try highlander’s desserts. It can be a good prize after active day spent in Tatras! 🙂

    Highlander’s cuisine is the best proof that from simple ingredients can be done impressive dishes.