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  • Zakopane halal? Are the highlanders ready…

    Tourists from the Middle East are spending this year’s holidays in Zakopane and are looking for places where they can eat tasty food. Restaurant owners are not surprised to be asked about halal meat, but admit that it is not easy to meet the expectations of such guests.

    Zakopane halal

    – are the highlanders ready for it? What do tourists from Saudi Arabia, Oman and Yemen eat? Why do they avoid pork? Is halal food very complicated? Well, no, but you need to know the culture of visitors well to create delicious dishes for them.

    Guests from another continent are Muslims, so they don’t eat pork. They also check whether the meat comes from ritual slaughter and whether it contains ingredients of animal origin. They claim that halal food is distinguished by its high quality, purity and safety. Why do they choose halal products? Because they do not contain harmful additives, preservatives and dyes. What kind of meat are they looking for? Halal meat is to come from animals reared in natural conditions, fed feed without GMOs and antibiotics. Only healthy animals that have not suffered during the killing are to be slaughtered. Bloodless meat prepared in accordance with the “halal” rules will positively surprise all lovers of good cuisine with its appearance, taste and properties.



    Halal food

    In Poland, in large cities such as Warsaw, Kraków or Wrocław, there are already restaurants offering halal dishes. Halal restaurants are also popping up in Zakopane, where guests from Oman, Yemen and Saudi Arabia can eat well. In such places, there are questions about the halal certificate, which is a guarantee for tourists from the Middle East that the product is in line with their faith. As it turns out, obtaining such a document and controls related to its possession are very restrictive and demanding.

    Halal restaurant in Zakopane

    Can highland and halal cuisine be compatible? Of course, because both cuisines have a lot in common, and also a lot of good to offer. Both highlander and halal cuisines value mutton, potatoes and sheep’s cheese, and avoid pork. In addition, regional cuisine in Podhale can adapt to the rules of ritual slaughter and prepare delicious dishes for guests from the Middle East.

    Moskol, oscypek with cranberries, prażucha or bryjka – these are just some of the specialties of Zakopane cuisine, which guests from  another continent.

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