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  • Want to visit Tatras with your pet?

    Owners of pets are often worried about theit vacation in Tatras. They think that they will be forced to leave their friend at home. However, it turns out that it is not necessary at all! Just plan your trip carefully and you can go to Zakopane and take your pet with you!

    The accommodation won’t be a problem. A lot of guesthouses and hotels accept the presence of dogs or cats.

    If you consider hiking in Tatras with your pet, remember that for most of trails in Tatra National Park it is not allowed to take animals. Exceptions are:

    – Chochołowska Valley,

    – Lejowa Valley

    – Droga pod Reglami

    You can also take your pet to Gubałówka. The above valleys and Droga pod Reglami are quiet, recreational routes that will surely please your little friend.

    If this is not enough for you – there is another proposal. From Nowy Targ, along the yellow and red trail, you can go to the Turbacz Mountain with your pet.

    It is also worth going to the Slovak part of the Tatra Mountains, where nobody has any objection to any animals on any trail, under certain conditions. The dog must be kept on a leash, must have a muzzle, a passport and an important anti-rabies vaccination. Important information – if you didn’t manage to organize a passport or tests for the pet, you can do it at the Tatravet veterinary clinic, located at Staszica Street in Zakopane. It is also necessary to identify the dog by a microchip or a readable tattoo.

    Anyone who plans to hiking in Tatras with the pet should remember to choose trails that will not cause problems for a dog. If there are no natural sources of water, it is also necessary to take more with you.

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